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PT. Hade Permata Electric (Banten, Indonesia)

The specialization of PT. Hade Permata Electric is in the field of:

- Thermocouple Type J, K, T, R, S, PT 50, PT 100, and PT 1000

- Thermocouple Protecting Tube: Phytagoras, Allsint, Silicon Carbide and Silicon Nitride
- Thermocouple Extention Wire, Isolation: Braided Screen, Fiberglass, PVC, Teflon, SS
- Heating Element: Band Heater, Ceramic Band Heater, Catridge Heater, Coil Heater, Immersion Heater,
   Plate Heater, Tubular Heater, Silica Quartz Heater.

- Accessories Thermocouple: Digital Temperature Controller, Digital Thermometer, Connector
   Thermocouple, Thermostat, Non-Contact Infrared Thermocouple.

- Furnace Up To 1200 Nabertherm and Local Brands
- Refractory & Insulating.

We can also help to supply other technical equipment, according to the needs of the Company.


Poris Indah Blok C-160 Kota Tangerang 15148
Banten , Indonesia



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